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Proposeful is the perfect software to create commercial documents quickly, speed up sales and collect electronic signatures.

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This is How You'll Send Your Next Proposals and Contracts

Proposeful is the perfect solution to send proposals and contracts, track when clients open them and close sales faster with electronic signature.

Beautiful Proposals With Access Notification
Faster Contracts With Electronic Signature
CRM Integration and Automation
Free Templates to Kickstart Your Proposals

What Our Customers Say

"Proposeful was really easy to use and I had fun making proposals as well."

Mansi Tuli

"I simply love Proposeful. It's easy to use and looks beautiful."

Muhammad Talha

"I received a proposal made with Proposeful and loved how simple and beautiful it was. I looked it up and signed up right away."

Kenji Yagura

"Proposeful's winning point is having best starter plans for startups."

Arun Kumar

"Because Proposeful makes it so easy to create and edit proposals, our sales team is able deliver proposals quickly, raising our conversion and gaining credibility. An innovative, essential tool to any company."

Quiterio Melo
Sales Manager at

"Proposeful allowed us to innovate our travel proposals, to amaze our clients and make our sales a lot easier. It's a fundamental tool in your sales process. I can't even imagine sending information to our clients without Proposeful now."

Pablo Besoain
Sales Director at Patagonia Experience

"Proposeful brought speed and practicality to our team. We said goodbye to ppt/pdf documents and large files. Sending a proposal by link is quick, simple and leaves a great impression in our clients. The editor is very intuitive and flexible."

Gabriela Amâncio
CEO of Remédio Certo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trial period free?

Yes! You can try Proposeful for free for 7 days. You'll only be charged if you don't cancel your subscription during the 7 day free period.

How can I add or remove users from my plan?

Just add or remove users in the Team menu. When adding or removing users, any pricing difference will be applied to your next invoice, without needing to subscribe again.

How's your support?

Active paying clients can count with our support by email at any time. Just open a support ticket in the Support menu.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we take our users's data safety very seriously. Your connection with us is protected by the same encryption technology used in e-commerce and your documents have unique secret addresses that are only revealed to you.

What if I cancel my subscription?

You can continue using any periods you've already paid for. After that, your account and proposals will become inactive. If you don't renew your subscription for a while, your account and documents may be deleted.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your subscription renews automatically every month until you cancel it. You may cancel your subscription at any time in the Billing menu.

Do I need to contact Proposeful to cancel my subscription?

No, you can cancel your subscription yourself at any time in the Billing menu.