Business Proposals Have Evolved

Create impressive online business proposals that can be signed by email in seconds.

Impressive Business Proposals Templates, Ready To Use

Create impressive online business proposals in a few minutes and close more deals with Proposeful.

Choose a template from our gallery and in a few minutes you will have an impressive business proposal ready to send.

Send and Access From Anywhere

With Proposeful your client can access your proposals from their smartphone and always have a positive experience.

You can send proposals by email or be a little bolder and send the link by Facebook or any messaging app.

Know What Your Clients Are Up To

Tired of sending proposals and not knowing if they've arrived?

Proposeful tells you when your client has accessed a document and shows you how many times it has been viewed. You will know exactly when to call your client and their level of interest.

Waste No Time With Contracts

No more spending days printing contracts and meeting with your clients to close the deal.

Your client can accept your Proposeful documents with a few clicks with just their email address and personal information.

You both will receive the formal confirmation and the work can start right away.

Team management on Proposeful

Sales Vision For Your Whole Team

With Proposeful, your whole sales team can track open deals, create, edit and send business proposals easily.

Create private folders for each user and organize sales documents for each team or company.

Opções de preços nas propostas

Offer The Perfect Price To Your Client

Proposeful let's you create proposals that fit your business model perfectly.

Create different price options and let your client chose the right one for them.

Duplique propostas rapidamente

Duplicate, Adapt and Send Your Next Proposal

Proposeful will speed up your sales process by allowing you to create proposals and presentations quickly.

Create your own business proposal templates and let your team duplicate, adapt and send them to new clients as needed.

Baixe suas propostas em PDF

The Perfect Proposal, Online or in PDF

We live in a connected world, but sometimes there's no wifi available.

With Proposeful, your client can download your proposal as PDF exactly the way it looks, making it very easy to present it in a meeting or save it on their files.

35% to 50% of sales go to the companies that send their proposals first

Don't let your competition get there before you.

"Proposeful simplified considerably my proposal management process. With a few clicks I'm able to create beautiful proposals and my clients have a much better impression of my work."
- Edson Mackeenzy, digital entrepreneur and mentor.

"You've brought speed and practicality to our team. We said goodbye to ppt/pdf documents and large files. Sending a proposal by link is quick, simple and leaves a great impression in our clients. The editor is very intuitive and flexible."
- Gabriela Amâncio, CEO of Remédio Certo.

"Proposeful allowed us to innovate our travel proposals, to amaze our clients and make our sales a lot easier. It's a fundamental tool in your sales process. I can't even imagine sending information to our clients without Proposeful now."
- Pablo Besoain, Sales Director at Patagonia Experience.

Why should I use a proposal software?

Your proposals will wow clients and be ready a lot faster.

You can use our beautiful templates or make your own.

Anyone in your team will be able to craft the perfect proposal.

You will know when to follow up with your client.

And how interested they are.

Our clients report a consirable rise in their sales with Proposeful.

Yor client can accept proposals by email in a minute.

You will close deals faster and save hours of work every month.

You will have our team of sales specialists ready to help you.

Can I try it for free?

In order to offer the best possible support and service, we choose not to offer a free trial. However, we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee to all customers in case you're not satisfied.

Why online proposals?

Because our proposals are smart documents. Online proposals can be shared and viewed faster and allow you to track your client's access and close deals more quickly. According to research, online proposals have an average 30% higher success rate than traditional documents.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We take safety very seriously. Our website uses the same encryption technology used at e-commerce stores to keep your information and transactions safe.

How long does it take to write a proposal?

It's really fast. You can set up a simple proposal in as few as 5 minutes using one of our templates, even if it's your first time. Also, by duplicating proposals you can send them to new clients in a few seconds.

What can I include on my proposals?

A lot! Any text content, tables, images, videos and even custom HTML is supported. This brings possibilities you would never have with a static traditional proposal.

I'm not a designer. Will I it be easy for me to use Proposeful?

Don't worry. Our tool was designed to allow anyone to create an amazing proposal easily. Writing a beautiful proposal with our templates is as easy as writing an email.

Ready to wow your next client?