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Your proposals can be accessed from any device and will look great on mobile phones and big screens alike

Design any content you need with our intuitive online editor. Easily duplicate and move blocks, change colors and design your proposal.

Upload images, videos and even HTML content like forms and maps to your proposals, allowing you to showcase your work and create an engaging experience for your clients.

Offer your clients different price options or packages and let them choose and formally accept your proposal with a few clicks.


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Quickly create impressive business proposals and presentations that will impact your clients at the right time, wherever they are.

Our proposals let you see how clients interact with your proposal, understand what their priorities are and follow-up at the right time.

Use our templates or create your own

Choose from our collection of optimized proposal templates to get you started and write the perfect proposal.

Easily duplicate your templates to create and send proposals to new clients. Reach your clients faster and close the deal when the leads are still warm.


Millions of images to bring your proposal to life, courtesy of Pixabay

Proposeful is fully integrated with Pixabay, the world's largest database of free high quality images on the web. Browse millions of incredible photos that will surely make your proposals stand out.

What Our Customers Say

"Because Proposeful makes it so easy to create and edit proposals, our sales team is able deliver proposals quickly, raising our conversion and gaining credibility. An innovative, essential tool to any company."

Quiterio Melo
Sales Manager at

"Proposeful simplified considerably my proposal management process. With a few clicks I'm able to create beautiful proposals and my clients have a much better impression of my work."

Edson Mackeenzy
Speaker, entrepreneur and mentor

"Proposeful allowed us to innovate our travel proposals, to amaze our clients and make our sales a lot easier. It's a fundamental tool in your sales process. I can't even imagine sending information to our clients without Proposeful now."

Pablo Besoain
Sales Director at Patagonia Experience

"Proposeful brought speed and practicality to our team. We said goodbye to ppt/pdf documents and large files. Sending a proposal by link is quick, simple and leaves a great impression in our clients. The editor is very intuitive and flexible."

Gabriela Amâncio
CEO of Remédio Certo

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Business Proposal Template

for service providers and product offerings

Our most popular proposal template. This beautiful template is used to close hundreds of sales every month.

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Marketing Proposal Template

a complete proposal template for marketers

Show how you have helped other customers succeed with this beautiful template, featuring a video, testimonials and more.

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Complete proposal templates, ready to use

Use them to quickly create proposals and build your own templates for your business

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Proposal Management

Invite unlimited users to your account and let them reuse proposal templates and easily close deals. Organize and search proposals with tags and see how well they've performed.

Proposal Tracking

Know how clients interact with your proposals with our intelligent reports. Every access is tracked and you can learn how long your client spent on each part of your proposal

Full Customization

All of our templates are fully customizable. Easily add content, change colors and upload images, videos, forms and other rich content to your proposals.

Online or Offline

Send your proposal to clients by email or message and let them view it wherever they are, or generate a PDF identical to the online version you can print and bring to your meeting.



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