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A website creation proposal template for an e-commerce website. Includes introduction, viability study and detailed expected results. Perfect for webdesign proposals and web development proposals.

How to use the Website Proposal Template

Use our website proposal template to craft your next proposal for web development, e-commerce creation and webdesign services. This website proposal template is a great way to show your clients your experience as you can easily link to websites on your portfolio, add videos and content you’ve written and present your services in a very impactful way.

Our website proposal template was created following the best practices in proposal optimization to guide your client through their decision. Use the template as a starting point to write your proposal and answer most questions they might have before closing the deal.

The website proposal template was written as an e-commerce creation proposal to help you get the ideas flowing and its structure is as follows:

Introduction. As small introduction to give a more personal tone to your proposal and help you remind your client why you’re sending this proposal.

Why Create a Website. Here you can explain to your client the advantages of creating their website. What sort of benefits would they get from it? Would it open a new customer acquisition channel for them? Is it relevant to their branding strategy?

What We Do. This session is where you can explain how your company works and what you usually do for clients. Touch briefly on your development process so your client knows what to expect. Remember your client might not be as tech savvy as you are so use the appropriate language.

Deliverables. Show your client how long it will take for them to see the first version of their website, how long they’ll have to approve each stage of the development process, etc.

Expected Results. Let your client know what they can expect from having a new website. If you’ve worked with similar clients before, show them what sort of results they saw after their website was done. Remember your client is interested in the return of their investment, not simply on having a cool website.

About Us. Tell your story. Show your clients how experienced you are, what other companies you’ve worked with and anything else that will help create trust in them.

Total Investment. You can offer your client different options/packages and let them easily choose between them and quickly accept your proposal using Proposeful’s accept button.

Contact Information. Leave your contact information available so your client can get answers right away if something was not clear in your proposal.

The structure of our website proposal template is completely customizable, so you can adapt it to different services and clients, adding or removing sessions and content as you wish. You can also change colors, add images and videos and much more.

Our website proposal template is available for free on Proposeful. Sign up today to quickly write your website proposal and close your next client.

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