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A simple quotation template for listing prices of products and services requested by a client, perfect for quickly sending a professional quotation. Can be fully customized to include new blocks of content.

How to use the Sample Quote Template

Our quote template is perfect for quickly creating quotes for services and products of any sort. One of the best ways to improve your chances of closing a sale is responding to quote requests quickly, reaching leads when they’re still hot.

With that we mind, we designed this quote template to make things as easy as possible for you to use on your next quote. You can customize anything, from the colors and branding to the content itself, adding just as much information as you need.

You can present your quote in tables, as images, Excel sheets or basically anything else. Since our quote template is an online document, you can add pretty much any sort of content and you will receive a notification when you client access your quote.

This makes it easier to measure how interest your lead is, as you can track how many times they accessed your quote and how long they spent on each part of it. 

To take it a step further, you can automate your quote creation using Proposeful’s variables feature. This lets you use any previous quote as a quote template, clone it and insert your new lead’s information in seconds. You can also connect Proposeful to your CRM and lead generation tools to generate quotes automatically.

Proposeful’s quote template has the following structure:

Introduction. A warm introduction is the perfect way to make a good impression and make your quote personal without losing on automation and speed.

Service Quotation. You can use this area of the quote template to present your services and products, prices and quantities as you desire, using tables, images, sheets and much more.

Total Investment. If you’d like to let your client quickly accept your quote, you can present different options and use Proposeful’s accept button to let your lead accept your quote in a few seconds. You can let your client select the quantity they wish to purchase for each price option you offer.

Contact Information. Leave your contact information handy so clients can call you if they have any questions.

The structure of our quote template is completely customizable. You can add new sessions, change colors and branding, add videos and images and whatever else you need to create the perfect quote for your new client.

Our quote template is available for free on Proposeful. Sign up today to create your next quote in minutes and close your next deal.

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