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Financial services proposal template for accounting offices and consultants. Contains introduction letter, service scope and additional prices, institutional video and more.

How to use the Financial Services Proposal Template

Our financial proposal template is perfect for accountants and financial consultants to craft proposals that will set them apart from the competition.

We created this financial proposal template following the best practices in proposal optimization and it has helped thousands of business close sales. It guides the client through a clear decision process, reminding them why they should invest in your financial services and helping you show them why you are the best option.

The structure of the financial service proposal template is as follows:

Introduction. A quick, warm introduction to help give a more personal tone to your financial proposal.

Accounting Services Scope. A good financial proposals need to be clear on what is included in the proposal and what is not to protect your business in the future. This sample accounting services scope should serve as a good starting point for you to write your own.

Additional Services. Let your client know what additional financial services they can hire that are not already in the proposal’s scope.

Client Testimonial. Adding a testimonial from a previous client helps generate trust by showing you’ve helped similar companies in the past.

Why Us? Here you can show your client why your company is the best option to solve their financial services needs.

Total Investment. You can offer your client different price options and let them easily choose between them and accept your proposal in seconds using Proposeful’s accept button.

Contact Information. Make yourself available to your client by leaving your contact information at the end of your financial proposal.

You can customize the structure of our financial proposal template easily by adding new sessions or removing the existing ones, changing the content to best fit the scope of services you offer.

You can also add images, videos, sheets and any sort of content to your proposal to create a memorable experience to your client and set yourself apart.

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