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This digital marketing proposal template is perfect for marketing consultants and agencies looking to improve their proposals. Learn how to write a marketing proposal.

How to use the Digital Marketing Proposal Template

Our marketing proposal template is perfect for digital agencies, freelancers and consultants looking to craft a great proposal for a new client. Since this is an online marketing proposal template, you can take advantage of content you might already have like videos and infographics to present your services in an interesting way and create a unique experience for your client.

This marketing proposal template was created following best practices in proposal design and copy and guides the user through their decision process. This marketing proposal sample show clients a specific view of their needs and presents common digital agencies services but can easily be adapted to any sort of marketing services and products.

Our marketing proposal template is perfect both for more qualified leads and for presenting your services to colder leads. It uses the following structure:

Our View of The Market. We open the marketing proposal template with a bold statement about the market and remind the client of what’s really important in their marketing strategy.

How We Do It. We follow by explaining to the client how we our services are different and how we can help them reach their objectives.

Our Method. Here you can explain more about how you usually work with clients, what you do differently from other marketing agencies and professionals and whatever else you feel would be relevant for your client’s decision.

Total Investment. Here you can show your clients different price options and let them choose and accept your proposals in a few minutes using Proposeful’s accept button.

Contact Information. Leave your contact information for your clients to reach out if they have any questions.

As you can see, our marketing proposal template’s structure is great to use as part of your inbound and outbound strategy, either as a business presentation or as a proposal for a specific client.

Every part of our marketing proposal template is customizable. You can add and remove sessions, change colors and images, add videos and whatever content you need to create a memorable proposal.

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