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A simple business proposal template for service providers. Complete with an introduction letter, project details, testimonials, cronogram and company presentation.

How to Use This Business Proposal Template

This is THE business proposal template you need if you want to improve your chances with your next clients. We invested years of experience and research to craft the perfect proposal template so you can craft your next proposal in minutes and close your next deal today.

A good business proposal is very similar to good copy: it guides the reader through a journey where they realize a specific problem, see that you’re able to solve it for them and finally convince themselves that they should invest on your services or products.

There’s a lot of science that goes into creating high converting web pages but proposals have often been neglected, few salespeople work in refining their proposal copy. That’s a shame, as a well written business proposal will significantly increase your odds to close a sale. You invested a lot of time and resources to get to a stage where your client requests a proposal and you probably don’t want to throw it all away.

If you’re looking to create the best possible business proposal, look no further. Follow our business proposal template and you’ll be guiding your lead through a very clear decision process:

Introduction. A short introduction helps give a personal tone to your business proposal and introduce clients to your line of thought.

The Challenge. In this session, we remind the client what challenges they face today and how they are losing money or time in their current situation.

Our Solution. How do you propose to solve their challenges? Explain to them what you want to do to help them solve their problem.

Testimonial. A testimonial from a client similar to your lead is a great way to build authority and trust, as it shows your lead that you’ve helped similar companies before and can probably do the same for them.

Deliverables. Here you can explain to your lead when they’ll get your services or products and what the roadmap looks like.

Expected Results. A great way to set your business proposal apart is to show leads what sort of ROI (Return on Investment) they can expect from hiring you.

Why Us? Now that your lead is hooked, show them why they should trust you and not your competitors to fulfill this mission.

Total Investment. Show your lead exactly how much they need to spend to hire your services and let them accept your proposal in a few seconds using Proposeful’s accept button.

Contact Information. Leave your contact information available for your lead to call you right away and ask any questions your proposal might not have answered.

As you can see, as your client goes through our business proposal template they will be reminded why they need to hire you, then see why they should hire you and finally have the option to hire you right away. It’s a great way to create urgency in your client and not let them fall through the cracks.

Our business proposal template is available on Proposeful. Sign up today to use our business proposal template and customize absolutely anything – change colors and structure, add images, videos, maps and much more.

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