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This is our adaptation of a pitch deck Airbnb used to raise one of their first rounds. It’s a very interesting deck template to follow as it follows several best practices (and obviously it was quite successful!). You can find the original deck inside.

How to use the Airbnb Pitch Deck Adaptation

If you’re going to write a pitch deck, you should learn from the best!

In 2012, fresh out of Y Combinator, Airbnb – which wasn’t yet called Airbnb – wrote a legendary deck to pitch one of their earlier rounds to Sequoia Capital. This is our adaptation of that same deck.

We adapted the Airbnb Pitch Deck to help you use it as a starting point to write your own deck. You can easily customize it to fit your startup and business model, change the entire structure, branding and whatever else you desire.

One of the things Airbnb did very well with this deck it to keep things simple. Most sessions are explained very objectively and it’s easy for investors to go through the whole thing in minutes and gather all the information they need.

Not only does this show Airbnb knew what they were doing, it shows they deeply understood their business and the opportunity it represented for themselves and investors.

It’s important to remember Airbnb is a marketplace, which is similar to running two different business. They have two major client profiles – the host and the guest – and for each of them Airbnb solves a different in a different way. This means Airbnb’s pitch deck is very interesting to read and brings a lot of ideas to anyone looking to write their own deck.

The Airbnb Pitch Deck Template has been following structure:

Problem. In this session they briefly touched on the problem they solve for each type of client they have.

Solution. Here Airbnb explains how they solve these problems with a single solution.

Market Validation. Airbnb was still young and didn’t have anywhere the same relevance it does today, so to present the potential of the market they wanted to insert themselves in they used proxies – demographic and competitor data that they can use to estimate how much they could grow.

Market Size. Here they use data from the entire travel sector as proxies to estimate how many potential clients there are in the market.

Product. Here they simply show some screenshots from their platform and you can easily make this more dynamic by adding videos and links from your own product. Remember, however, to explain very briefly what the product is.

Business Model. In this session of the Airbnb Pitch Deck Template they explain how they monetize travels and estimate how much revenue they could generate considering the market size they calculated earlier.

Competition. Even though Airbnb crushed their competitors, they existed! Airbnb had no fear mentioning them and how they compare to each competitor.

Market Adoption. Airbnb used a three point strategy to reach customers, mainly focused around advertising, partnerships and technical integrations.

Competitive Advantages. In this area, they explain the reasons why their business can prosper amidst the competition and other unique advantages they have to facilitate their growth.

The entire Airbnb Pitch Deck Template is customizable, meaning you have control over the branding, colors and the structure itself. Feel free to remove anything you might feel doesn’t apply to your startup and to use it as starting point for your own deck.

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