Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

By signing up and using Proposeful, you agree to the current terms of service and policy privacy. Violation of these terms will cause immediate ceasing of the services and freezing of the user's account.

Access and Use

1- Proposeful offers an online tool for the creation and presentation of commercial documents. Use of these services is offered through a monthly recurring fee. A free plan might be offered and can be removed without warning.

2- Proposeful is not responsible for the information contained on documents created by its users, nor does it offer any kind of guarantee of delivery of mentioned services, products or payments, even when a document has been accepted by third parties.

3- The user agrees that each of their documents will be publicly available through a unique link revealed to the author at the creation of the document. The user agrees that any person on the web that knows this unique link will be able to access the document.

4- The author of a document may upload, attach or link images, videos and files to include on their document. By doing so, the user confirms that he has the right to use and distribute this content commercialy, taking full responsability for any trademark or copyright violations that may occur from such use. The user agrees to not use any content to each they do not hold such rights, being fully responsible for doing so to the full extent of the law.

5- The user agrees not to input on their document any material, text or offerings that references illegal activities in any country or that may be considered offensive, pornografic or racist, under punishment of immediate account inactivation without there being owned any form of compensation. The user is solely resposible for any violations of laws or rights violated through their use of Proposeful's tools.

6- Users agree not to use domain and subdomain names, URLs, logos or other brand communication to impersonate brands or people without their conset, in which case they will be held solely responsible for doing so and have their account and documents permanently suspended and/or deleted without there being any kind of compensation owned. Users also agree to only send proposals when solicited and to not use Proposeful on email marketing campaigns.

7- Proposeful reserves the right to inactivate temporaly or permanently any accounts suspected of breaking the rules above or that exceeds the amount of usage considered normal, under which circumstances the user will be notified.

8- The acceptance of a proposal on Proposeful does not aim to substitute a contract between the user and their client and has the same validity as an explicit agreement by email.

9- Proposeful does not guarantee keeping documents on our database - accepted by third parties or not - after a user is no more a paying customer. The user is responsible for safekeeping any document created with Proposeful or data about it.

10- Proposeful might erase proposal data and accounts from non-paying users who have been inactive for over 60 days, with no guarantee of warning or backup.

11- Proposals created by free users will be available for access only for 30 days.


1- Refunds may be solicited by the user for the last payment in up to 14 days as long as the payment company's refund policy is respected.

2- In case of refund or cancelation of the recurring payments, the user account and their documents will be suspended until a new payment is made.

3- The price Proposeful's plans and packages may be changed at any time without notice and without there being owned between the parts any kind of refund or compensation for services currently being offered or that have been offered in the past.

Privacy Policy

1- Proposeful will obey the law and will cooperate with the government and local authorities and may open this information if legally requested.

2- Proposeful may acess personal information of users, companies, professional services and any other data inputed by the user on the platform or willingly given directly to Proposeful through any other chanel with the intent of developing and offering new opportunities and products for their users or other people and companies.

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