Sample Pitch Deck Template

by Proposeful

This is a sample pitch deck template you can adapt to any sort of startup pitch deck for your next round. This sample deck template follows the essential information investors look for and contains our tips to help you quickly put your deck together for your next round.

How to use the Sample Pitch Deck Template

This sample pitch deck template is all you need to craft the ultimate pitch deck for your next round. Our deck template has everything you need to craft an effective deck for your investors, guiding you through the process of presenting your startup in a way that captures attention.

This is meant to be used as an online deck, meaning you can add videos, sheets, slides and basically any sort of content to create an remarkable experience for investors.

You can also track every access to your pitch deck using our report access, knowing exactly how investors spent reading each part of your deck.

Our pitch deck template was crafted following the best practices most investors recommend followers follow, using a structure that contains all relevant information a investor will request from your company when trying to raise a round.

The sample pitch deck template show the example of an app startup presenting their product, traction and reasons for raising a round. You can easily adapt this structure for any sort of startup.

Our pitch deck template structure is as follows:

Our Startup. Summarize what your company does, in as few sentences as possible.

The Problem We Solve. Explain the pain your customer faces and why it's important.

How We Solve It. Here you should explain how you solve the problems mentioned before and how exactly your product and services are delivered.

Our Growth. In this area of the pitch deck template you should show investors how big your startup is and any sort of relevant traction you've already gained. It's the time to get them hooked.

What Our Users Say. A happy client can tell investors a lot about the viability of a startup. If you have testimonials from clients, it's a great idea to use them on your pitch deck.

TAM, SAM, SOM. This information is requested in most pitch decks as it's important for investors to measure how large a business can get.

Our Business Model. In this session of the pitch deck template, explain how your startup makes money and how large your revenue can get.

Our Competitors. A market with no competition is either too small or too hard. Show your investors what other companies have been doing in your industry and how you differentiate your services from them.

Market Adoption. This area of the pitch deck is meant for explaining to investors what acquisition channels you use to gain users and clients.

Competitive Advantages. Why should investors bet on you? Use this structure of the pitch deck template to show them what you see that other companies don't see and how you will protect yourself from competitors.

Founders. Good VCs invest in people, so show them who's behind the brand. You can link to your Linkedin or even insert videos to create a more personal experience for your investors.

Our Goal. It's important to have a long term vision for your company. Explain yours here.

The Deal. Why are you raising money? What deal are you offering investors? Explain in this session of the pitch deck.

Financials. Show your investors what your cash flow looks like. You can embed sheets or graphs to make your data more digestible.

Cap Table. This session of the pitch deck template is meant to show investors what the composition of the company looks like and how dissolved the founders are.

Contact Information. Leave your contact information handy in case investors want to ask questions about your pitch deck.

This pitch deck template was crafted using different design structures for each session so you can use them to craft a unique pitch deck. The pitch deck template is fully customizable, so you can remove any session you want to, as well as include additional information you think investors might need.

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