Ready-to-use Business Proposal Templates

get inspired, choose a proposal template and close your next deal

Simple Business Proposal Template

A simple business proposal template for service providers. Complete with an introduction letter, project details, testimonials, cronogram and company presentation.

Simple Quote Template

A simple quotation template for listing prices of products and services requested by a client, perfect for quickly sending a professional quotation. Can be fully customized to include new blocks of content.

Financial Services Template

Financial services proposal template for accounting offices and consultants. Contains introduction letter, service scope and additional prices, institutional video and more.

Website Proposal Template

A website creation proposal template for an e-commerce website. Includes introduction, viabilty study and detailed expected results.

Digital Marketing Proposal Template

A marketing consultancy proposal template for digital agencies. Complete with introduction, quotes, service scope and methodology overview.

What can I customize on the proposal templates?

Basically anything. You can change content, images, colors, insert your logo, create new structures like tables and videos, insert multiple price options and hide any information you wish.

Can I create my own proposal templates?

Sure! One of Proposeful's greatest advantages is allowing to duplicate documents quickly, adapt them and send to new clients. After creating your main templates, sending new proposals will be very fast.

Can I download proposals as PDF?

Yes, you or your client can download a PDF file of your proposal exactly as it is seen online. You can try it by accessing any of our templates. In case you don't want your proposals available offline, you can easily set them as online-only.

Can my client sign my proposal digitally?

Your client can accept your proposal by confirming their identity via e-mail and formally accepting your document.

Can I insert videos on my proposals?

Yes, it's very easy to insert a video from Youtube, Vimeo or other websites. You can even insert other dynamic content like maps or forms.

How can I send a proposal to a client?

Each proposal has a unique link that can be accessed from any computer, phone or tablet with internet connection. You can send this link to your client from Proposeful, by e-mail or any messaging app.