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Business Proposal Template

by Proposeful
2,277 points

A simple business proposal template for service providers. Complete with an introduction letter, project details, testimonials, cronogram and company presentation.

Simple Quote Template

by Proposeful
552 points

A simple quotation template for listing prices of products and services requested by a client, perfect for quickly sending a professional quotation. Can be fully customized to include new blocks of content.

Digital Marketing Proposal

by Proposeful
422 points

A marketing consultancy proposal template for digital agencies. Complete with introduction, quotes, service scope and methodology overview.

Website Proposal Template

by Proposeful
300 points

A website creation proposal template for an e-commerce website. Includes introduction, viabilty study and detailed expected results.

Financial Services Template

by Proposeful
201 points

Financial services proposal template for accounting offices and consultants. Contains introduction letter, service scope and additional prices, institutional video and more.

Why should I use Proposeful to send my proposals?

Besides being able to use any of our templates, you also gain several benefits.

Proposal Management

Invite your whole sales team and let them share templates and access information to close deals. You can track proposals easily and see their performance.

Activity Tracking

See how your clients interact with your proposals with our smart activity reports. Each access to your proposal is tracked and you can see how long your client has spent on each part of the proposal.

Full Customization

All of our templates are customizable. Easily edit content, change colors, upload images, videos, forms and other interactive content to craft memorable experiences for your clients.

Online or Offline

Send proposals to your clients via email or direct message and let them access documents wherever they are or download your proposal as PDF file to bring it with to their next budget meeting.