How do I let a client accept my proposal on Proposeful?

Proposeful offers the perfect way to formalize sales by letting your client easily accept your proposals. Learn how to enable the accept feature and what your client needs to do to officially accept your proposal.

How to Create Your First Proposal on Proposeful

Proposeful offer several different proposal and presentation templates to help you create the perfect proposal. Learn how to view the gallery template and select a template for your first proposal in this quick guide.

How do I download a proposal as PDF?

Proposeful lets you design beautiful online proposals but sometimes you need them in PDF. Learn how to enable your proposals to be downloaded as PDF and how to have a perfect, printable A4 copy of your proposal in a few seconds.

How can I see my client’s activity report on a proposal?

Learn how to view the reports for each access on your proposals so you can learn how long your clients spent on each part of your proposal and make better follow-ups.

How can I create and replace variables in my proposals?

Variables allow you to create your own proposal templates and quickly customize them for new clients with only a few clicks. Learn how to set up variables and attribute values to them in this guide.

How can I insert products and services on my proposals?

Learn how to insert multiple products and services in a proposal and let your client create their own custom offer. In this guide you’ll learn all you need to set up products, define allowed quantities, customize prices and discounts and insert them on proposals.