The best way to share files with your clients

Attach files to your Proposeful documents and see how long your clients spend on each of them.

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Drop the clumsy e-mail attachments and design memorable experiences

Create interactive, beautiful and fully branded experiences for your clients and leads in minutes. Let them view important documents, presentations and proposals wherever they are and never forget an attachment again.

Easily craft presentations with the most versatile editor in the market

You can use the full power of Proposeful's online editor to create immersive, branded experiences for your clients and leads and present your important files in a much more friendly and interactive way.

Make use of rich content like images, tables, videos and much more to inform and guide your client's experience. Easily embed online content like maps, forms, invoices and create an experience your client is sure to remember.


Know if your client opened your files and measure their interest easily

After sharing your documents with clients, every interaction will be tracked and you'll be able to know exactly when - and if - your files were opened and how long your client spent on each of them to easily track which leads are hot and which need more attention.


Integrate documents with forms, invoices and your favorite services

You can easily embed online forms, invoices, contracts and more in your presentations to collect payments, data and automate your funnels using your favorite tools - no need to change your workflow.


Your files and privacy safe

Any file you attach to your online documents will be encrypted and can only be accessed through Proposeful. Remove or update files to your documents and control what your clients and leads have access to in real time.


What Our Customers Say

"Proposeful was really easy to use and I had fun making proposals as well."

Mansi Tuli

"I simply love Proposeful. It's easy to use and looks beautiful."

Muhammad Talha

"I received a proposal made with Proposeful and loved how simple and beautiful it was. I looked it up and signed up right away."

Kenji Yagura

"Proposeful's winning point is having best starter plans for startups."

Arun Kumar

"Because Proposeful makes it so easy to create and edit proposals, our sales team is able deliver proposals quickly, raising our conversion and gaining credibility. An innovative, essential tool to any company."

Quiterio Melo
Sales Manager at

"Proposeful allowed us to innovate our travel proposals, to amaze our clients and make our sales a lot easier. It's a fundamental tool in your sales process. I can't even imagine sending information to our clients without Proposeful now."

Pablo Besoain
Sales Director at Patagonia Experience

"Proposeful brought speed and practicality to our team. We said goodbye to ppt/pdf documents and large files. Sending a proposal by link is quick, simple and leaves a great impression in our clients. The editor is very intuitive and flexible."

Gabriela Amâncio
CEO of Remédio Certo

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