How many proposals does your team create in a month?

How many people work in your sales team?

U$ 15 /month

to create and sign
up to 10 proposals a month

Unlimited users
Email and chat support
14 day money back guarantee
Secure payment with SSL encryption

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Get in touch with us and we will create the perfect plan for your business

All you need to impress your future clients

Intuitive and Flexible Editor

Customizable Templates

Proposal Access Notifications

Save Time Writing Proposals

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Multiple Languages and Currencies

We guarantee Proposeful will help your company sell more. If it doesn't, we will return your last payment.

What happens when I hit my proposal limit?

Your created proposals will stay online and you can upgrade at any time to continue creating new proposals until the next month.

Can I change plans at any time?

Sure! If your demand varies from month to month, you can upgrade or downgrade your account as you need to reduce your costs.

What if I cancel my plan?

We will really miss and will take good care of your proposals for 60 days in case you decide to come back.

How many users does each plan include?

On Proposeful your whole company can share your account, on all plans.

How can my client accept proposals by email?

Your client can accept proposals by using the accept button and filling their email address. We will then confirm their identity and request some more information. The accepted proposal is frozen and both you and your client will receive the confirmation data for safekeeping.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we take your data's safety very seriously. Your connect with us is protected by encryption. Your proposals have unique secret addressed that are only revealed to you.

I have clients all around the world. Will Proposeful work for me?

Absolutely. Proposeful is a global tool and allows for different languages and currencies. You can change your preferences for each proposal easily.

How does your support work?

We share a very close realtionship with our clients. You can chat with us or request support by email at any time. We are always ready to help you make your proposals better.

Can you write my proposals for me?

We do offer proposal creation and revision services for an aditional fee, in case you want to make something really amazing. Just let us know and we will give you the details.

"Outstanding support, Proposeful has an amazingly helpful team. They are always ready to adapt to our needs."
- Andrielli Castellano, Designer at 123Reformei.