How to create a Paypal Invoice
and insert it in a proposal with Proposeful

learn to create and send a Paypal invoice to collect payments from your proposals

Charging your clients quickly and conveniently is important to convert more sales and Paypal Invoices is a great option for providing your clients with a intuitive and safe checkout experience.

If you're a service provider, you can take this further by linking a Paypal invoice from your online proposals using Proposeful. Not only is that great for your client because it makes it convenient and safe for them to pay you, it's even better for you because it will make your proposals more effective by improving your conversion.

A introduction to Paypal Invoice

Paypal Invoice is an elegant solution to invoice clients, perfect for freelancers and business. It's available in most countries and if you already have a Paypal business account it'll take only a couple of minutes to create an invoice.

To use invoices, you need a business (not personal) Paypal account, which is available to most countries. Paypal will only charge you if your invoice is paid - 2.9% + $0.30 at the time this was written, you can check their fee structure here - so it's a perfect solution for attaching invoices to your proposals and converting your clients right away. Your client will be able to pay using credit card, Paypal balance and, depending on the country, debit card and bank transfer.

How to create an invoice with Paypal

The video above give you a quick overview on how to create a Paypal invoice. It's pretty straightforward and lets you customize and the template to be consistent with your brand identity and so you can use the same settings for new customers.

After logging in, go to the invoices menu (Send & Request > Invoices) and follow the instructions, selecting a template and filling the data about your client, your business and the services provided. You can also change the currency you're charging your client in and add their contact information if you desire, though that's optional.

When your invoice is complete, you can send it right away to your client by e-mail but what we're going to do is generate a link so we can direct your client to it from your proposal. Click Send > Share Link Myself. This will show you a link you'll need to copy.

How to insert a Paypal Invoice into your proposals on Proposeful

In case you're not using Proposeful yet, you can create a free account here. Proposeful lets you design and send business proposals, tracking when they're accessed and letting clients accept them.

Inserting your Paypal invoices into your proposals can be really useful to close clients faster. Your proposal will guide your client through their their purchase decision and have your invoice as the final call to action is a great way to close the sale right away.

Online proposals on Proposeful work like webpages, so you can embed content like videos and forms on them. However, Paypal doesn't allow to embed invoices into websites, so we'll need to link to your invoice from your proposal.

To do so, you need to choose where in your proposal you`d like to insert the link, For this tutorial, we`re gonna start from the "quotation template", but you could use any of our proposal templates or any custom template you've created.

After logging in, click "Create Proposal" and choose the "Quotation Proposal" template. You'll be taking to the editor where you can start changing the title and content according to what your client requested.

Scrolling down you'll see a button labeled "Add Block". Clicking it will add a new block after the last one. You can then click the icon to change the title of this block to something like "Checkout" or "Pay Now" or whatever you prefer.

Now click the content of this new block to edit its content. Let's tell our client they can pay directly through Paypal and you'll be notified as soon as their purchase is approved. Feel free to write whatever you feel would be better for your client.

Now, we're gonna add a button to link to your Paypal invoice. On the editor toolbar, click "Insert Button". Highlight the button's default text and change it to whatever you like. Now, to add the link, highlight the entire button, click the icon on the toolbar and paste the Paypal invoice URL. Your proposal will look something like this:

That's all! By click the button your client will be taken to your Paypal invoice, where they can complete payment and you can start working on their order.

Since you're using Paypal, you can hide Proposeful's default mechanic for showing prices and letting clients accept proposals. You can do so by scrolling to the section where you control prices - right after the last block of content - and clicking the icon. This will hide that block from visitors and you can reactivate it at any time.

To send your proposal, just scroll to the top, click "Publish Now" and then "Send Now". This will generate a link you can send to your client via e-mail, message or however you prefer.

We hope this combination of Paypal Invoices and Proposeful online proposals will help you close a lot of sales and grow your business.

Have fun!

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